Ang Online Stop Over ni Juan sa Paglalakbay

The world is facing many challenges today, including conflict, hate, revenge, and war. These challenges can divide us and make it difficult to build a peaceful world. This novena is an opportunity for us to come together in prayer and ask God for help. We will pray for the end of conflict and violence, and for the grace to forgive and live together in peace.

A novena is a nine-day period of prayer dedicated to a particular intention. During this time we will pray for those who are suffering from War. We invite you to join us in a nine-day Novena for Peace, beginning on October 17, 2023 at 7:00PM (Manila Time) and ending on October 26, 2023. During this time, we will come together in prayer to ask God for peace in the world.

You are cordially invited to join the ECMI-CBCP Novena for Peace, a nine-day prayer for the end of conflict and war. We will also pray for the grace to forgive, to live side by side, to work together for family/home, and for peace.

The novena will be held via Zoom from October 17-26 at 7:00pm. To join, please click on the following link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 838 5375 8908
Passcode: 470946

We look forward to praying with you for peace!


  • Day 1: End of Conflict
  • Day 2: End of Hate
  • Day 3: End of Revenge
  • Day 4: End of WAR
  • Day 5: Learn to FORGIVE
  • Day 6: Learn to live SIDE by SIDE
  • Day 7: To WORK together for FAMILY/HOME
  • Day 8: To WORK together for PEACE